Miss Lors


Here you will find information about myself, along with projects & certifications i have created and gained throughout my learning journey to becoming a full stack web developer.

I am currently available for work, and i am looking for my first Junior Developer role.

I can be reached through one of the various forms located on the contact page. Thank you.

Miss Lors


Here you will find my portfolio, containing snapshots of projects i have been working on, along with links to projects also for your viewing. Alongside projects i have also included web certifications that i have acheived. Each certification equates to over 300 hours of coursework which i have been undertaking at home, through various platforms.

My current certifications are gained from FreeCodeCamp, and the projects i have created were done so with Codepen/VS Editor


Miss Lors


Following the link below will take you to ways of getting in contact, i am available through various platforms (some projects may replicate on my Github platform through links!)



I am working with various programming languages and platforms;

Follow the link below to find out more

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